Focus on Cotton

  • On Farm Irrigation Scheduling in Georgia: AgWET (Water Efficiency Team) August 22, 2018
    Irrigation scheduling is a critical tool to successfully managing irrigation on crops while maximizing Irrigation Water Use Efficiency, and in some cases increasing quality and yield. Most producers based on national surveys are currently scheduling irrigation via visible stress, however, by this point the crop has already lost yield. The goal of this presentation is […]
  • Increasing the Water Use Efficiency of Irrigated and Dryland Cotton With Cover Crops August 21, 2018
    Cover crops have remained a popular topic over the past few years, mainly due to the potential of the practice to suppress weeds. Still, one of the greatest benefits of cover crops in a humid environment is arguably the increase in infiltration and water holding capacity, both of which increase the rainfall/irrigation use efficiency of […]
  • Cross-Commodity Management of Silverleaf Whitefly in Georgia August 21, 2018
    Silverleaf whitefly is an important economic pest that requires management in vegetable and agronomic cropping systems to preserve yield and quality. The best opportunity for impacting the severity of infestations is to minimize populations of silverleaf whitefly moving from one cropping system to another. This can be accomplished with effective in-crop management and timely crop […]
  • Saving Energy in Cotton Gins July 23, 2018
    Energy costs represent 20% of the total cost of ginning; a national industry survey indicated electricity cost varied from $1.62 to $21.58 per bale processed, and fuel costs from $0.23 to $9.07 per bale; these disparities indicate opportunity for improvement and the need to identify best practices that other facilities can emulate. This presentation will […]
  • Soil Health in the Mid-South: First Step - Feeding the Soil Microbes June 18, 2018
    For many producers, soil health is one of the new buzz words that has little real meaning or impact on their bottom line. This presentation will help show what improving soil health can do to help preserve natural resources as well as having a positive effect on their bottom line. By the end of the […]
  • A Smartphone App for Scheduling Irrigation in Cotton June 18, 2018
    The Smartphone App for Scheduling Irrigation in Cotton uses weather data to estimate daily crop water use. It maintains a daily soil water balance by subtracting daily crop water use from available soil moisture and adding rain or irrigation. The App estimates the amount of rain received at registered fields from national weather data sets, […]
  • Benchmarking Sustainability Performance Utilizing the Fieldprint Platformto Document and DemonstrateContinuous Improvement May 1, 2018
    The Fieldprint Platform is a pioneering assessment framework that empowers brands, retailers, suppliers and farmers at every stage in their sustainability journey, to measure the environmental impacts of commodity crop production and identify opportunities for continuous improvement. Farmers can access this free and confidential tool through the online Fieldprint Calculator or through associated farm-management software […]
  • MSU Row Crop Short Course March 26, 2018
    Audio-visual webcasts of the MSU Row Crop Short Course held at the Cotton Mill Conference Center near the campus of Mississippi State University on December 4 - 6, 2017, are now available on PMN thanks to the support of Cotton Incorporated.
  • Use and Effectiveness of Nematicides to Manage Nematodes in Cotton February 15, 2018
    Plant-parasitic nematodes are of the most important, yield-limiting pathogens that affect cotton production in the southern United States. As result of this importance the chemical industry has marketed and registered a few new nematicides in cotton. This presentation will introduce these new nematicides, provide some information on efficacy, and how they perform in the field […]
  • 65th Annual West Texas Agricultural Chemicals Institute Conference February 13, 2018
    Audio-visual webcasts of the 65th Annual West Texas Ag Chemicals Institute Conference held in Lubbock, Texas, on September 13, 2017, are now available on PMN thanks to the support of Cotton Incorporated. The event's sessions and panel discussion cover a range of topics including: A Texas IPM Program Update, Smart Machines for Weed Control and […]