Your farm is your business. In addition to knowing your soil, cotton variety and so much more about agriculture, you need a foundation for making solid business decisions. These resources will help you run your farming operation with safety, productivity and profitability in mind.

Health and Safety

Pesticide Labels

It is extremely important that you and all of your employees read pesticide product labels. This web page from the Environmental Protection Agency connects you with a variety of resources for understanding labels and accessing relevant training.

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Pesticide Worker Safety

This web page from the Environmental Protection Agency provides you with an index of links to resources about protecting workers, recognizing pesticide-related illnesses, certifying pesticide applicators, and storing and disposing pesticides.

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Finances, Loans and Federal Programs

Farm Finance

Sound business planning is essential for the health and well-being of farming operations into the future. Cotton Incorporated has gathered resources to help cotton producers learn about and calculate basis, farm financial ratios and more.

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Decision Aids and Loan Calculators

Cotton Incorporated provides access to decision aids that can assist you in making calls that will affect your operation’s profitability. Find calculators for Commodity Credit Corporation loans, cotton basis tools, harvest cost comparisons and more.

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Crop Insurance

Cotton Incorporated has gathered several publications to help producers understand the basics of crop insurance, what types of insurance are available in their area, and how to go about selecting what is right for their farming situation.

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Government Programs

Start here to find information about agricultural disaster assistance programs, Commodity Credit Corporation loans, the most recent Farm Bill, USDA conservation programs, the Cotton Ginning Cost Share Program and more. (Note: You will need to create and log in to your National Cotton Council account to see the specific resources.)

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General Production and Equipment

Technical Resources

This web page from the National Cotton Council serves as an extensive hub for detailed technical resources related to a variety of topics, including bale packaging, cottonseed, pest management, pollinator protection, quality preservation, safety and more.

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The First 40 Days

The most critical period in cotton production is the first 40 days. This document provides expert recommendations for best management practices to help you develop an efficient, cost-effective cotton production system.

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Cotton Harvest Systems

Learn about different types of harvest systems, including the equipment, maintenance and personnel needs. You can also access information from here about cotton module traceability.

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Irrigation Management

The nine-section primer for irrigation management covers timing, scheduling tools and sensors, irrigation systems and more.

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Primer on Cottonseed

Learn about the market and opportunities for cottonseed – including how ultra-low gossypol cottonseed could be a means to address hunger in developing nations.

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