Cotton Harvest Data Download Utility V2

Published: November 29, 2021

Resource Type: Tool

UPDATED June, 2021 for new security protocols and minor bug fix update on August 15, 2022. Newer cotton harvesters from John Deere have the option of directly transmitting module serial numbers and other associated information directly to the “MyJohnDeere” website in the form of a Harvest ID files. The Cotton Harvest File Download Utility may be used to automate the download of Harvest ID files from the website after you have established a MyJohnDeere account for your gin. Once your account is established, the program will assist you in requesting permission to receive files from your producers. The file will be uncompressed in a folder that you specify as a comma delimited file that can be imported to Excel and into eCotton gin software. While the software is specific to John Deere harvest ID files, it has been designed to support other data providers in the future as they become available. The zip file includes a user guide and clicking the “Visit Website” will download the zip file.