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Research, reports and other materials from Cotton Incorporated's rich library
  • Planting and Harvesting Capacity in Cotton Production Estimated from Days Suitable for Fieldwork

    Dec 1, 2015

    Machine capacity information is crucial for making machinery management decisions. Machine capacity is used to predict how equipment will perform for a specific farming operation and it determines the timeliness of that operation. Machinery capacities have improved over time, however optimal decisions for planting and harvesting equipment selection remain heavily dependent upon climate conditions. Days suitable for fieldwork (DSFW) were evaluated during cotton planting and harvest windows for 13 cotton-producing states. Additionally, scenarios for different planting and harvest equipment configurations were analyzed to give an approximate indication of how many acres cotton producers can realistically expect to cover for each state Learn More

  • Seed Cotton Handling and Storage

    Harvest | 2010

    A reference document on traditional module building, tarp maintenance and handing round and half-size cotton modules.

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  • Module Marker Study

    Module Marker Evaluation Study | 2015

    Applying the correct module marking ink at harvest is important to preventing contamination.  This report examines the potential for four different sprays to result in contamination at the textile mill.  It was found that the three sprays developed for use on cotton modules did not represent a significant contamination risk, while the one permanent spray tested was not removed in typical scour and bleach process.

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Trusted resources that we find useful and think you will, too
  • Handling Cotton Exposed to Excessive Rainfall


    Given the weather conditions that have challenged the southeastern United States this harvest season, suggestions for handling seed cotton exposed to excessive rainfall from the National Launch >

  • Cotton Harvest Information


    This Cotton Incorporated web page has information on preparing pickers and strippers for harvest, and how to maintain them during harvest as well has best practices Launch >

  • Mid‐South Cotton Defoliation Guide


    This defoliation guide is a cooperative effort between Mississippi State University, University of Tennessee and University of Arkansas.  It includes a description different approaches to determine Launch >

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