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  • Managing Thrips in Cotton: Research in the Southeast Region

    Disease Management | 2015
    Thrips are widely recognized as one of the most important economic groups of pests challenging southeastern Learn more >
  • Managing Plant Population in Cotton

    Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service | Aug 10, 2020

    High seed costs have made selecting the correct plant population even more important in recent years.  Learn more >

  • Camera System to Detect Plastic in Module Feeder

    USDA Agricultural Research Services | Mar 10, 2020

    This report details a simple low-cost module-feeder camera system that will allow ginners a real-time view Learn more >

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  • Cotton Planting Conditions Calculator

    Decision Aids, Planting

    The purpose of the Cotton Planting Conditions Calculator is to provide decision support for cotton planting. The tool obtains Learn more >

  • The first 40 days

    Agronomy, General Production Information, Planting

    The most critical period in cotton production is the first 40 days.  This document provides expert Learn more >

  • Integrated Weed Management (IWM) Resource Center

    Weed Management

    Clearinghouse for resources on integrated weed management for herbicide resistant weeds. This website is updated regularly Learn more >

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