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Midweek Weather Outlook

This weekly forecast is tailored specifically for cotton producers. See what is headed your way and learn how upcoming conditions could benefit or disrupt farming operations across the Cotton Belt.

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Focus on Cotton

The Focus on Cotton webcast series features timely, science-based and peer-reviewed information on cotton plant health. Learn from plant health management professionals from around the U.S.

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March 14, 2022

Carbon Market Overview

The emerging carbon and ecosystem service markets present an opportunity and potential risks to producers. With many different companies offering services in this space, it is important that producers understand how ecosystems services work and what potential risks are associated with entering into ecosystem service contracts. This presentation provides an overview of how carbon markets and ecosystem service markets work and what producers should watch out for when pursuing these opportunities.

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Cotton News

Cotton Farming

  • U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol Launches Three-Year Enrollment

    June 16, 2022

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  • June 22 field day talks cotton sustainability on the farm and in the stores

    June 14, 2022

    Judd Hill event focuses on production tactics and values beyond the field. June 13, 2022 ⋅ By Mary Hightower ⋅ A June 22 field day at the Judd Hi… Read More

  • Sunn Hemp As A Border Crop To Reduce Deer Damage In Cotton

    June 3, 2022

    ⋅ By Eddie McGriff ⋅ Deer feeding in cotton has risen sharply over the last few years. Deer damage can cause severe stand losses, delayed maturity… Read More

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Crop Quality

  • Weekly Cotton Crop Quality Report

    March 28, 2022

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