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  • Camera System to Detect Plastic in Module Feeder

    USDA Agricultural Research Services | Mar 2, 2020

    This report details a simple low-cost module-feeder camera system that will allow ginners a real-time view Learn more >

  • Seed Cotton Handling and Storage

    Harvest | 2010

    A reference document on traditional module building, tarp maintenance and handing round and half-size cotton modules.

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  • Spindle Harvester Maintenance and Operation

    Harvest | Aug 1, 2010

    A 38 page reference document that covers key areas in maintaining spindle harvesters (pickers) and tips Learn more >

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  • Integrated Weed Management (IWM) Resource Center

    Weed Management

    Clearinghouse for resources on integrated weed management for herbicide resistant weeds. This website is updated regularly Learn more >

  • 2019 Mid-South Cotton Defoliation Guide


    The latest defoliation guide compiled by Extension Specialists from throughout the Mid-South – updated yearly.

    Learn more >
  • Cotton Harvest Information


    This Cotton Incorporated web page has information on preparing pickers and strippers for harvest, and how Learn more >

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