Cotton Farming

  • Fall Armyworms Look To Make An Early Start…Again July 1, 2017
    By Scott Stewart IPM Extension Specialist University of Tennessee It seems that fall armyworms have gotten a running start in recent years. This species does not overwinter in Tennessee, but it may survive warm winters in the extreme southern areas of coastal states during mild winters. It migrates into Tennessee each year. Often, fall armyworms […]
  • Maintaining NAFTA Benefits July 1, 2017
    The National Cotton Council believes maintaining the benefits of the North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico is crucial to the U.S. cotton industry’s long-term survival. How important are exports? The U.S. cotton industry is heavily dependent on access to export markets. On average, about 75 percent of cotton production in the United […]
  • Footprints In the Field And On The Home Front July 1, 2017
    As the cotton crop rolls into mid-July, consultants are shifting into high gear across the Belt to nurture and protect the precious money bolls. This important segment of the industry is now in the height of its season. With that in mind, we have a “consultant-rich” issue of Cotton Farming this month. In “Turnage Farms” […]
  • A Consultant’s Wife July 1, 2017
    Ray began checking cotton in 1949 as a college student. After we married in 1952 and he served in the Navy for two more years, Ray set up a consulting business and started knocking on doors. Franklin Parish was the largest “cotton patch” in Louisiana so that’s where we went. We moved to Wisner because […]
  • Cotton Ginning Marketplace July 1, 2017
    Seed House Safety And Maintenance Procedures Overhead seed houses are valuable for short-term seed storage, wet seed storage and gins with limited yard space. With recent design improvements, overhead seed houses can also provide a highly efficient method for loading trucks from flat-storage houses. When fully loaded, a double-hopper seed house can weigh 200,000 pounds or […]
  • Weed Management Optimism July 1, 2017
    Special Report Texas Cotton Farmer Encouraged By Initial Experience With Herbicide-Tolerant Trait System For too long, cotton farmers in some parts of Texas have been frustrated trying to manage herbicide-resistant careless weed, waterhemp, marestail and giant ragweed. This season offered them the chance to put a new herbicide-tolerant trait system to work, and many approve of […]
  • Industry News for July 2017 July 1, 2017
    John Deere Introduces New Tractor Display The John Deere 4640 Universal Display is part of the latest John Deere Generation 4 Operating System. This translates into better data collection, increased application functionality and greater choice for monitoring and managing many tractor-driven field operations. Farmers can use the most common John Deere applications — including AutoTrac, documentation […]