Cotton Farming

  • Technology Continues To Evolve May 1, 2017
    What about world fiber consumption? A major reason behind the decline of cotton’s share of global fiber consumption is that global synthetic fiber production capacity is three times the level of global cotton production. That helps explain why on today’s retail shelves polyester is found in about 60 percent of garments. That equates to approximately […]
  • Technology Continues To Evolve May 1, 2017
    In my early years as an ag journalist, one of the biggest challenges was fine-tuning the timing for getting in touch with farmers and university personnel who spent their days from sun up to sun down in the field. After leaving a message on their home and office phones, I waited patiently for a call […]
  • Early Season Management May 1, 2017
    CALIFORNIA California Central Valley farmers have finally been blessed with some decent rain, snowpack and irrigation water supplies for this year. Although we have water, variable cool weather periods mean a limited acreage of cotton seed was in the ground and coming up in late March. More planting is expected in April as warmer weather […]
  • Dr. Ed Cherry, A Former Industry Icon May 1, 2017
    After many years of being asked by One Grower staff for a My Turn article, I relented and will try to give you readers some things to ponder. I spent my career as a research entomologist with the University of Tennessee, Ciba-Geigy and FMC. These ventures put me in contact worldwide with some very important […]
  • Coloring Cotton with Cotton May 1, 2017
    By Seshadri Ramkumar, Texas Tech University A collaborative endeavor has resulted in dyeing cotton with cotton. Archroma has pioneered the concept of using natural wastes and byproducts to synthesize dyes to color textiles. Bryan Dill, from Archroma US Inc., presented the “Earthcolors” technology at the recent international conference of the American Association of Textile Chemists […]
  • Keep Up With Regulations Under New Administration May 1, 2017
    If you are an active member of a ginning association, you probably know that these organizations typically tend to deal more in the regulatory world than the policy world. The past few months have been tough for many of us since the new administration has made keeping up with regulations much more difficult than in […]
  • 7 Tips for Successful Cotton Planting May 1, 2017
    From planting depth to thrips control, North Carolina cotton experts designed these reminders to help you achieve optimal stands and good early season growth. By Guy Collins North Carolina State University The wet and cold 2016 planting season we encountered in North Carolina reminded us all about the fragility of cotton seed and the difficulty […]